FDF Awards 2014 - Environmental Leadership

Mondelez International – Cocoa Life

'Cocoa Life' puts cocoa communities at its heart, aiming to improve the livelihoods and living conditions of more than 200,000 cocoa farmers and about one million people in cocoa farming communities. Announced in 2012 it is a 10 year investment of $400 million.

The programme aims to inspire a new generation of cocoa famers and is based on three principles: it is farmer centred, it is empowered by partnership and it is aligned with company sourcing. A sustainable cocoa supply begins with thriving farming communities, and more efficient farming leads to farmers' financial security. Community empowerment is an integral component of a long term sustainable productivity programme. Better farming practices will only take root if communities are attractive places to live.

A sustainable supply of cocoa beans is essential to the future of the Mondelez business and consumers are ever more interested in their foods being produced in a sustainable way. This approach will help engage consumers and establish Mondelez as a company that is committed to affecting change in the cocoa communities.

By creating partnerships with communities, governments, national and international non-government organisations and supply chain partners, Cocoa Life communities are supported in finding real solutions that lead to measurable transformation and action plans.

Action Plans are built by the community, they are never imposed. But Mondelez help shape the plans and offer different types of support to bring them to life:

  • Setting up women's groups where female leaders can share their experience and provide training in cocoa farming, food security and health and hygiene
  • Improving the physical infrastructure in the community: roads, electricity routes, water wells
  • Introducing healthcare provisions and education on important topics

Cocoa Life is a ten-year commitment to invest in developing cocoa origins to achieve measurable, verified outcomes. The commitment will sustain the program over its intended timespan and is a demonstration that Mondelez are serious about making a real difference.