FDF Awards 2014 - Food & Drink Scientist

Andy Walker – Premier Foods

Andy is Company Microbiologist for Premier Foods. He has worked in every sector of the food industry from chilled, frozen, ambient, fresh produce, and developed expertise in using control strategies for these foods and manufacturing environments. His role includes risk assessment as well as support to risk management for Premier Foods supply chain.

Andy has over 20 years' experience of applying microbiology within the food industry and has gained a wealth of knowledge in processes, recipe effects, plant design and environmental controls.

Andy shows a strong practical approach to problem solving and an understanding of risk in context. He is an advocate of avoiding disproportional responses to an identified risk. The essential function is to identify a way to achieve the required output safely and to effectively communicate this in order to achieve buy in of all involved.

Andy is an active member of the FDF Food Hygiene Committee, a member of the IFST and sits on a number of their Working Groups. He has been Deputy Chair of the Campden BRI Frozen and Chilled Foods Panel and is an active member of the FDF Food Hygiene Committee.

Andy is recognised by the major retailers and food suppliers as a significant contributor within his field and is highly regarded by stakeholders. As an expert in industrial microbiology he has assisted customers and stakeholders throughout the supply chain in understanding complex interactions and has successfully aided them in managing such issues.

Andy is a passionate and dedicated microbiologist. He sets exemplary standards and never compromises his scientific integrity-he is passionate about ensuring that food safety is our primary consideration at all times.