A long and varied career: Paul Dillingham - KP Snacks

I left school with 10 'O' levels and 'A' Levels in Maths, Chemistry and Physics. This mix of science topics led to my choice of degree: a BSc (Hons) in Chemical Engineering.

KP SnacksName: Paul Dillingham
Job role: Process and Packaging Development Manager
Company: KP Snacks

I have been with the food industry for almost 30 years, starting in September 1983. I came to KP as a Supervisor following on from my career in technical functions at British Gypsum and Denby Pottery.

During my first role as Production Supervisor I saw something in the people that was quite special. They really like what they do and they feel a great sense of pride in the workplace and with the products – this for me was extremely rewarding.

Following a slight detour to McVitie's, I came back to KP in a senior manufacturing position. My role in manufacturing was probably the most rewarding. No two shifts or days are the same and the unpredictability means you are always alert and trying to stay one step ahead. The team mentality is key and nurturing the commitment of individuals brings its rewards.

I have spent the last six years in the role of Process and Packaging Development Manager. The diversity of interactions with a variety of different teams e.g. the New Product Development team, Brand Managers and Central packaging and engineering are all daily events in my work. Making sure that the site supports all manner demands such as health and nutrition regulations, looking after customer visits, and leading my team to deliver continuous improvement in our materials and plant/machinery performance are critical. I use my years of experience to help and guide the 'new brigade' through their approach to problem solving and importantly give the spark back that was ignited in me all those years ago!

I will retire in the next few months with a feeling of pride in what I have achieved. I will continue to preach the virtues of working at KP Snacks and in an industry that provides the platform to express yourself and share in the joy of producing products that people enjoy!

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