Longest serving employee: Audrey Cook - Mars Chocolate

I started at Mars Chocolates UK in 1944. I was extremely lucky to get a job during the war especially as everyone I knew wanted to work here. I am now 83 and can't think of being of anywhere else.

Mars ChocolatesName: Audrey Cook
Job role: Staff Sales
Company: Mars Chocolate

Working alongside twenty other colleagues, my first role was in the 'stripping room', which means we made MARS bars by hand!

In the stripping room, strips of caramel and nougat base from a MARS bar were scored with a knife and then separated by hand. Every other day I worked in the chocolate room where the top of the MARS bar was also created by the palm of your hand.

In the 1960's, I worked part time in Staff Sales shop and the rest of my time was spent on the factory floor. Nowadays the shop is open all day, so I spend all my time there.

My biggest highlight whilst working at Mars was when I was invited to meet the Queen as the longest serving employee - this was a huge privilege and an experience I will never forget.

If I were to give any advice to young people, I would say it is important to take whatever they do seriously, be on time and willing to learn.

I have been happy working for Mars, that's why I have been here so long. I think that young people should choose a career that they enjoy and are happy in. A company like Mars is good because you can do different jobs and quickly moved up the business. I've seen people start on the factory floor and work their way up the ladder and become senior managers.

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