A family business: Sandra, Rebecca and Dean Mohan- United Biscuits

United BiscuitsName: Sandra, Rebecca and Dean Mohan
Job role: Production Services, Process Operator and Machine Operator
Company: United Biscuits


I started with the company in 1976. I have been in a number of roles over the years and at present I'm with Production Services.

My role is to provide the plants with ingredients for production. We also work with the bulk ingredients by off-loading the tankers.

I was immediately drawn to the idea of joining the industry when I was at school - I was lucky enough to have a week's work experience and really enjoyed it. It was a real eye opener for me as I learnt more about the manufacturing process and how interesting it can be – it was then I realised that the food industry was the best place for me.

Over the years, I have seen new machinery, new ways of working, and new products. Seeing the industry evolve has been hugely exciting.

Whilst there have many proud moments, including my years of service to United Biscuits, I am most proud to be part of a business and industry that my children and extended family are part of too.


When I started at United Biscuits ten years ago it was something that I fell in to but I've never looked back. I started out as a packing operator, a role which has changed throughout my time here as I was given increasing amounts of responsibility. I always look to get involved in any opportunities that come my way and make the most of them. So when I had a chance to take on the role of process operator, ensuring that our products are made to the correct specifications and quality, I jumped at it.


I am still at university in full-time education but because my family work here I knew it would be a good place for a student to work part-time. When a job came up as a machine operator I went for it. I would definitely recommend the industry as a good career stepping stone for young people, there are a number of opportunities, it really is an interesting place to be and it's great to work with my family!

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