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Joe Breen, Cargill, Manchester

"During his apprenticeship, Joe has played a leading part in several major projects."

Joe is part of a team of three operators with responsibility for maintaining the effective running of the flour mill over a twelve hour shift. The two milling lines are the largest in the country and the plant runs 24 hours for at least 350 days to meet customers demand.

Joe Breen - CargillAs a Flour Mill Operator, Joe is required to demonstrate a sound understanding of milling principles as well as an aptitude for mechanical maintenance.

All of these competencies allow Joe to trouble shoot and problem solve on the plant to keep shut downs and down time to a minimum and prevent problems escalating.

Operators are required to take accountability for problems, from identification to resolution, adhere to the highest safety regulations and ensure that the glucose produced meets the stringent standards of customers in the food, brewing and pharmaceutical markets.

During his apprenticeship Joe has completed the City & Guilds Level 2 certificate in Process Technology and is currently completing his Level 3 certificate in Process Technology. In addition he has obtained NVQ Levels 2 and 3 in Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Petro-Chemical Operations.

Process apprentices are expected to complete their four year apprenticeship with the ability to operate two of the three process areas in the wheat plant.

Joe has exceeded these expectations by taking accountability for two of Cargill's processing plant areas after just two years, half the time expected, when he was still only twenty. During his apprenticeship, Joe has played a leading part in several major projects, one of which was the installation of new wheat cleaning equipment, which required Joe to visit the manufacturer, Buhler, in Switzerland. He had only two days to learn the operation of the equipment, while dealing with the culture change and being out his comfort zone.

As a result of this visit, during the commissioning phase in Manchester Joe was able to support the installation engineer and share his knowledge with the rest of the wheat team so that they could learn how to operate the new equipment.

The successful installation of the new equipment has reduced the down time of the flour mill and led to higher efficiencies.

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