3rd year Multi-skilled Engineer Apprentice Engineer Apprentice - Krafts Foods

"Apprentices are definitely the way forward in my eyes and I would say even better than a degree."

John Ravenscroft, 21, 3rd year Multi-skilled Engineer Apprentice - Krafts Foods

Tell us about yourself, what do you do?

I am currently a third year apprentice at Kraft Foods Bournville. I have completed my first 2 years of the apprenticeship and I am looking to further my education with a foundation degree.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy working with my hands and wanted a practical job and something which would challenge me. Kraft is a big company that have a lot of opportunities and it is rare to find a company as good as this. The final point that made me decide on an apprenticeship is that you earn while you learn.

When did you start working for your company?

August 2009

What are the qualifications needed for this field?

At least 5 GCSE's grades C and above

What was your route into the sector?

I heard about the opportunity through my father. He heard that Cadbury were taking on apprentices and he knew I would be interested in such a great opportunity. He got an application form for me to fill in and send off.

What attracted you to joining the industry?

  • Good company to work for
  • Hands on job
  • Job satisfaction
  • Challenging
  • Good pay

What are your/your businesses key achievements to date?

Personally my best achievement has been securing my position as an engineer apprentice. Business wise I would say that being the world's largest confectionery company.

How have you benefitted from doing an apprenticeship as opposed to just getting a job without formal training or choosing a more traditional degree route?

It has allowed me to get a trade and do something I enjoy. The fact that you earn while you learn is also great. Apprentices are definitely the way forward in my eyes and I would say even better than a degree.

How do your employers support you in your apprentice?

It is a great scheme with lots of support. We each have our own manager and a trades mentor so there is always someone there to help. I have a lot to do with the apprenticeship program. The running of it is done by the apprentices with the support of our mentors. This is a great benefit as we can make sure we get the most out of our apprenticeship.

Every 3 months we get moved to a different part of the factory, this helps us to get an overview of the whole factory and its processes. It also allows us to get to know everyone around the factory and is key in gaining good knowledge and a wide range of skills.We also aim to continuously improve and adapt the scheme so that future apprentices can benefit.

If you had to give one reason why young people should consider this career path, what would it be?

Earn while you learn!

What advice would you give to other people looking to pursue a career in this sector?

Keep your options open and apply to as many companies as possible. Apprenticeships are the same as all jobs these days and are very hard to come by. The best advice I can give is keep trying and don't give up.

Where do you see your career going in the future?

In finishing my apprenticeship I hope to be a fully qualified multi skilled technician and to carry on working at Bournville. At Kraft there is the possibility to progress through the business and make your way up the ladder. I enjoy my job and so would love to be a maintenance technician but you never know what the future holds and it is great to know that there are more opportunities even when I have finished my training.

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