Mondelez International apprentice

Alex Nevin, former Manufacturing Apprentice, at the home of Cadbury in Bournville. Alex completed his apprenticeship nearly 12 months ago.

'I was head boy at school – I'm always looking to better myself,' Alex says.

'I did a year of sixth form college, taking a mixture of subjects because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I didn't want to go to University because I thought I might get halfway through and change my mind.

'My brother did an apprenticeship. He did well in his role and started earning straight away, so I thought it was a good option.'

Prior to Mondelez, Alex took an apprenticeship at his old secondary school where he stayed for two years, training as an IT technician.

'I wouldn't have had the confidence to achieve what I have at Mondelez without that experience,' says Alex.

'I enjoyed it and had a great relationship with my manager so it was hard to leave but I wanted another challenge and career with more options for progression. Mondelez seemed like a company with many opportunities.'

Alex says that during the recruitment assessment day for Mondelez Apprenticeships 'they find out what you're like under pressure and grill you on your answers in the interview so you need to be really clear.

'When I started the Apprenticeship, I thought it was such a big place, but induction week helped me feel comfortable in the workplace and brought into a team. We went out bowling with the second year apprentices to break the ice. I learnt how it's important to help each other from the outset.'

During his apprenticeship Alex spent a day a week (two days in second year) at college and the rest of the time he shadowed plant operators where he learnt everything from starting plant, fixing issues, operating machinery and installing new lines.

'There's so much to learn' says Alex. 'If you start with the right attitude and build trust with your mentor, they keep challenging you. I got a great mentor again at Mondelez, Phil Holyer. He's open and honest and wants me to do well.'

Phil could see how much Alex wanted to get ahead so, step by step, he gave him a very ambitious project. Initially, Alex gave a talk on a computer quality system to 50 staff at Bournville.

'Then Phil asked me to implement the new system,' says Alex, 'and after that went well, he asked me to develop a similar system at the factory in Chirk, North Wales. This was a big, challenging project. I liaised with programming colleagues in France and Canada, managed the build of the system and trained staff on the new infrastructure. I was away from home, working hard, doing some of my study in my own time, but it was a fantastic opportunity and time flew because I enjoyed it.'

Since completing his apprenticeship Alex has secured an Operator role in Bournville commissioning one of our new state of the art 'lines of the future' as part of our £75million investment programme. As part of this Alex is undertaking further training both onsite in our new training facility and offsite at college.


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