Go behind the scenes of food and drink

Ever wondered how food and drink companies come up with new products or make firm favourites that bit tastier or healthier? Or what a career in the industry would be like?

Go behind the scenes of some of the UK's best known businesses to meet the development chefs, ingredient specialists and nutrition experts involved in making the food in your kitchen cupboard.

Innovation in food and drink

Bill from McCain Foods explains the creative thinking behind the development of the McCain Ready Baked Jackets, then Andy outlines how Cargill has worked with a leading UK confectioner to develop low calorie options for the sweets market. Finally, meet Lee and hear about how apetito is using innovation to create nutritious, tasty food for people with dysphagia, a swallowing difficulty.

Expanding choice for consumers

Hear from Helen from Coca-Cola about the launch of Coca-Cola Life in the UK, its first lower-calorie cola sweetened from natural sources, then meet Sarah from Birds Eye as she explains how she partnered with development chefs to create the new Steamfresh range.

Then finally meet Duncan from Quaker as he explains how the company's marketing team used consumer insights to spot an opportunity to launch Oat So Simple Porridge Pots and, more recently, Oat So Simple Sachets.

Better nutrition and taste through recipe change

Hear from Alexa at Kellogg's about how and why micronutrients are added to cereals then meet Anthony from Premier Foods as he explains the role of a development chef in creating new products in the Bisto range.

Finally, take a peek inside the Nestlé site in York and hear from Alison about the different people and stages involved in reducing the sat fat content of the KitKat.