KP Snacks: Jack Theakston - Careers case study

Jack Theakston is an Apprentice Electrical Maintenance Engineer at KP Snacks

The main task for an Electrical Maintenance Engineer on a day-to-day basis is to maintain, fix and repair faults within a certain area of the factory he/she is assigned to. But in this role there isn't an average day because the subject area is so varied. You can be working on two different things in the space of two days so it keeps you on your toes.

How did you end up in this job?
I always knew a career in engineering was my preferred route into finding a job and I went about this by applying for Apprenticeships in a whole range of engineering sectors trying to keep an open mind about what I was applying for. In doing so, I got my Apprenticeship with KP Snacks which I really enjoy.

If I was to advise somebody thinking about becoming an engineer in the food and drink industry, I would tell them that the industry is very rewarding. On a day-to-day basis, you will face varied challenges that make the job interesting and keep you focused. I would definitely encourage someone to take the same career path as me.

What was your starting salary?
I started off on a salary of £7,500 per annum but I get a yearly pay rise as my Apprenticeships goes on.

Qualification - National Vocational Qualification Level 3 in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Higher National Certificate in Instrumentation and Control.

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Last reviewed: 28 Feb 2014