Mondelez International: Conor McGurk - Careers case study

Conor McGurk is a Process Engineer at Bournville the home of Cadbury

Conor says: “I am proud to be an engineer in the food and drink industry because you are able to see the results of your work in shops all over the country (and the world!). So many people can relate to and enjoy the products you work on.”


  • GCSEs: Maths, Statistics, English Language, English Literature, Science, French, Spanish, History, Geography, Design and Technology.
  • A-Level: Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Economics (and General Studies)

How he got to his current position:
Currently in the second year on the Engineering Graduate Scheme. Conor's first placement was working as a Process Engineer as part of the Bournville BD&E, Engineering Projects team. His second placement was as a Shift Leader in Coffee Packing at Banbury.

Conor is now part of the Bournville Engineering Projects team in Bournville.

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Last reviewed: 28 Feb 2014