Nestlé UK and Ireland: Chandni Chavda - Careers case study

Chandni Chavda is an Engineering Graduate at Nestlé

Tell us about yourself, what do you do?
I am currently working in the sustainability department looking at reducing energy and water usage on site. This involves data collection and analysis along with providing engineering solutions to complex problems. My previous role involved managing projects. I completed design work on chocolate process systems as well as implementing and commissioning machinery.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
There are many parts of my job which I thoroughly enjoy. One part is working with such well known products and brands, which I have loved from a young age. It is great to get involved in new product development projects and seeing the end result in the supermarkets.

Another is working with such experienced and senior Engineers and managers. I have a great team who are very supportive and everyone is approachable and happy to help out. This really helps my learning and development as an Engineer.

When did you start working for your company?
September 2013

What are the qualifications needed for this field?
Engineering degree

What was your route into the sector?
I completed my Masters in Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham and then entered a graduate scheme following the completion of my degree.

What attracted you to joining the industry?
Whilst I was studying my Masters in Chemical Engineering at University, we had many companies visiting our department to recruit students. Nestlé's Technical Director gave a presentation at one of the events and it really encouraged me to apply based on the information given on the day. The Graduate scheme and Industry really stood out against competing schemes and the Technical Director provided some insightful information about Engineering within Nestlé. I had some previous experience in the food and beverage industry, so I was very keen to apply to Nestlé and luckily, I received an offer onto the scheme.

What are your/your businesses key achievements to date?
This Graduate Scheme is great for my development and I have been able to achieve many qualifications which I am proud to have successfully completed. Along my day to day role, I have also been a Nestlé ambassador which means I am involved in talking to young students about STEM subjects and careers in Engineering. I have attended many events to share my experiences. It's been fantastic being involved in this as I never had that information available when I was younger. It's very rewarding when young children are inspired and feel positive towards this career path.

If you had to give one reason why young people should consider this career path, what would it be?
Engineering is such an exciting and varied job. There are many different aspects to the role to always keep you on your toes. There is great career development and the fundamental skills can be applied in many different scenarios. Not to mention, this job involves working on well-known quality products and brands. It's exciting to see and understand the process of how to make a chocolate bar and coffee.

What advice would you give to other people looking to pursue a career in this sector?
This industry is very fast paced, so things can change quite quickly. Being adaptable will help. It's also good to understand the different roles involved and how you could contribute to the industry. Make sure you do plenty of research and build your commercial knowledge.

Do you think it's important for women to consider similar careers? If so, why?
I believe that it is very important that women consider this career path. Engineering tends to be mainly male dominated and many people feel it is biased towards them. Working in this environment has been interesting and also challenging at times, however, there are so many opportunities for progression and everyone is very supportive and respectful. I feel that women will bring a different approach to solving problems and it always better having a diverse team with new opinions and thoughts.

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Last reviewed: 22 Jun 2014