PepsiCo Walkers: Sam Kelly - Careers case study

Sam Kelly is an Electrical Engineering Apprentice, PepsiCo Walkers

Sam says: "From a young age, I always wanted to know how things worked - pulling things apart and reassembling them to figure out what goes on inside. I had the opportunity to undertake a vocational course at school in engineering and absolutely loved it."

Sam Kelly“I then realised I wanted to pursue a career in engineering and started to look for an apprenticeship. That's when I applied to PepsiCo and was lucky enough to get accepted.”

As part of his programme, Sam receives training from some of PepsiCo's most senior engineers, in addition to his regular college work. It also provides opportunities to gain experience in a number of engineering facilities across the Skelmersdale site, providing Sam the chance to gain experience in a number of roles he could pursue once his apprenticeship is completed. Those opportunities have really helped in boosting Sam's confidence in the workplace.

Qualifications: Studied vocational course at school in engineering

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Last reviewed: 28 Feb 2014