Premier Foods: Alex Pressley - Careers case study

Alex Pressley is a 3rd Year Apprentice Technician at Premier Foods.

Alex says: “Since starting my apprenticeship I've been involved in a number of projects which have led to greater efficiency and cost savings within the business. The part of the job I like best is that I get the opportunity to analyse and solve engineering issues”.

Alex is really enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge of food manufacturing and promoting apprenticeships as a really good way to get recognised engineering qualifications and being paid at the same time. He's been actively involved in promoting apprenticeship to school children, visiting schools in the local area on careers days and talking with young students about vocational training.

Qualifications: Alex has successfully achieved an ONC Electrical and Electronic Control Engineering and NVQ Level 2, he's now well on his way to attaining his NVQ Level 3. Premier Foods are also sponsoring him through his HNC in Electrical engineering.

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Last reviewed: 06 Mar 2015