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Luke Walsh, a Trainee Electrical Engineer at Cargill plc hadn't planned to work for the food and drink manufacturing industry, but he discovered that the industry has such a wide variety of opportunities that he decided to join the industry.

Luke Walsh, Trainee Electrical Engineer

Luke Walsh - CargillAfter completing a four year Process Engineering Apprenticeship with Cargill plc, I was offered my current role. With support from Cargill plc, I continued my studies and completed a foundation course in Electrical and Electronic Engineering; I'm now continuing these studies to degree level - allowing me to put the theory into practice.

My job varies from day to day; my main job is to ensure the safety, reliability and integrity of the high and low voltage distribution systems. As well as keeping the current equipment in safe working order I also plan, design and execute projects for new installations and upgrades.

Since starting at Cargill plc, the skills that I have developed at work had the same impact in my home life too. For example, I have an increased appreciation for safety and the environment, I have enhanced my communication skills and as a result, I have a lot more confidence. I have also become more practical and I've got the problem-solving skills needed to overcome any challenge that comes my way.

I would definitely recommend working in food and drink manufacturing. The world will always need food and drink, so this is definitely the place to be for a sustainable career option.

Did you know?

Cargill plc's Manchester plant operates a giant wheat mill on the shipping canal, which gobbles up 750,000 tonnes of Wheat per year, which is more than 5% of the country's wheat crop.

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Last reviewed: 28 Feb 2016