Case study: Engineering Apprentice

Sam Elliott is in his fourth year as a McCain Engineering Apprentice at the company's plant in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Like lots of people, I didn't really know what I wanted to do when I was 16.

I started at Scarborough Sixth Form College but after a year I knew it wasn't the right thing for me.

I found out about the McCain Engineering Apprenticeship Scheme through someone I knew who worked at the company. Before I started my apprenticeship, I didn't realise that McCain had engineers. Now I'm part of a big engineering department, learning a trade that's critical to the business.

As an engineering apprentice, I help to look after and maintain the machinery in the McCain factory. It's an exciting environment and every day is different. When I'm on-site I help out on all sorts of tasks like mechanical and electrical maintenance and welding – I'm always doing something new.

Engineering is really varied. In our company, there's lots of different areas of engineering and different sorts of machines to work with, including touch-screen technology. You get a good grounding in mechanical engineering, sheet metal work, electrical engineering and welding.


Through the apprenticeship I've got my BTEC Level 3 and now I'm working towards my HNC in Engineering.

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Last reviewed: 17 Mar 2016