Mondelez International: Careers case study

Paul Morgan is a Maintenance Technician at Mondelez International's Bournville factory – the home of Cadbury.

Paul Morgan, Maintenance Technician

Paul Morgan - Mondelez InternationalI have always been a hands-on person, so after finishing school I knew the only way I wanted to progress professionally was with an apprenticeship and in an industry I could relate to.

After studying an engineering apprenticeship, I'm now a Maintenance Technician working across a range of engineering projects. My role is varied including; analysing breakdowns, managing critical spares, carrying out short term fixes and creating longer term solutions on the plants that make Cadbury Dairy Milk and Freddo.

I've gained many new skills since starting my career, every day I try and absorb as much new experience as possible.

On a personal level, I've grown in confidence and by working in a close team community I've developed my communication skills. You need to have the confidence to try new things and since two heads are often better than one in solving a problem, you have to be able to communicate with people around you.

My advice to anyone thinking of a career in food and drink manufacturing is to go for it! I've learnt so much and I've got to work on some of the newest production technology making some much loved brands like the Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations. When my friends talk about new products they have tried or seen on the TV I can say I've helped make them!

Did you know?

Every 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 364 days a year. Every 24 hours, more than 400 million Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons are produced.

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Last reviewed: 21 Jul 2015