United Biscuits: Careers Case Study

David Cherry, Engineering Apprentice

David Cherry started in 1998 as an apprentice, progressed to craft Engineer, then to chargehand and is now one of our engineering shift managers. This makes him one of the most critical role holders on shift at any point in time.

How your apprenticeship experience helped you in your career journey?

In my opinion starting as an apprentice multi skilled engineer is a great experience for anyone – not only for the engineering skills and qualifications that come your way, but the confidence and ability you gain is huge.

When I started work at UB, I was given the opportunity to work in every area of the factory for a set period of time and worked with a wide variety of people from the engineering and manufacturing teams. Doing this not only gave me a wide knowledge of the factory that I worked in, but also allowed me to see how all the processes come together to produce the end product in a manufacturing site.

What are the most important factors that have helped you progress your career?

The most important factor was the people around me. I worked with some highly skilled people when I was an apprentice and they really took the time to coach and train the future engineers for the site. Most of my colleagues were real characters who would work hard but also make a point of making the job enjoyable.

What would you say to future apprentices?

I would say UB is a great company to work for. I have been here for nearly 18 years for a reason. In that time I have worked in various departments, been assigned to the most critical areas of the factory, been seconded to many engineering projects, worked as an engineering chargehand supervising a team of engineers and now I'm currently an engineering manager. UB recognises and rewards ambition and there is plenty of support if you want to go further in your career.

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