Careers Campaign: United Biscuits

Steve Howarth, Mechanical Engineer

Steve Howarth started as an mechanical engineering apprentice in 1987 and has progressed to site engineering manager.

Tell us how your career has led you to UB?

In September 1987 I started my four year mechanical engineering apprenticeship at the Jacob's site in Aintree, Liverpool. I completed my first year off site at the EITB training centre in Speke, Liverpool undertaking a grounding in all aspects of engineering. Once back on site I gained experience in all areas of the factory from bulk handling to dispatch for the remaining of my apprenticeship.

In my time I have progressed through several roles on site from shift engineer, chargehand, team leader, area engineering manager, site maintenance manager to site engineering manager which is my current role.

What are the most important factors that have helped you progress your career?

The most important factor is support from my family, particularly from my wife Karen. I also shouldn't underestimate the importance of a good work ethic, staying curious at all times and supportive mentors and team members throughout my apprenticeship and working life.

What would you say to current apprentices?

Enjoy the present and do not look too far ahead. It is a fantastic opportunity! Look for and develop a support network. It is okay to be vulnerable, 'ask' if you do not understand.

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