Aunt Bessies: Careers case study

Shaun Smith, Business Manager

Shaun admits he fell into the food manufacturing industry by chance.

Shaun admits he fell into the food manufacturing industry by chance. After leaving Lancaster University with a degree in Organisational Studies, Shaun was keen to get onto a graduate scheme but not sure what sector he wanted to work in.

Shaun SmithAfter applying for a number of schemes he joined the food sector after being accepted onto Warburton's two year graduate programme.

This experience gave Shaun a true taste of what the sector was like as the graduate programme gave him the opportunity to experience a variety of roles from working on a bread van to helping to shape his company's future business plans when he worked in a business development role.

After leaving Warburtons Shaun worked for a number of food companies before moving onto his current role as a Business Manager at Aunt Bessie's.

Speaking about his day to day duties in this job Shaun says: “I look after the Tesco account for Aunt Bessie's which means I meet with their buyers to agree on what Aunt Bessie's products are going to be in their stores over the next few months. I explain to them how we'll promote our new products in-store, and also work out how much money we will spend to do so.”

Commenting on what skills he needs to carry out his job Shaun says: “You do need good communication skills, both written and verbal as you have to be able to clearly explain your ideas to your customer. It's also important to be self motivated as you often have to think on your feet.”

Shaun gives his low down on what working in the food industry is like: “I can tell you it's definitely not boring. It really is fast paced, exciting and the salaries and benefits are good. So if you want a challenging and varied job I'd recommend working in the food sector.”


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