Müller Dairy: Careers case study

Clare Dodd, Senior Development Technologist

Clare Dodd, Senior Development Technologist at Müller Dairy knew from a very early stage that she wanted to work within the food sector so this shaped her choice of subjects both at school and university.

Having gained a GCSE in Home Economics, Clare opted to include Food Technology as one of her three A level subjects before going on to take a BSc Honours degree in Home Economics (Food Design and Technology) at Liverpool John Moores University.

In her role at Müller Dairy, the UK's biggest branded yogurt producer, Clare focuses entirely on brands.

Clare Dodd“The job is so varied there isn't a typical day,” says Clare. “Roughly 40% of my time is spent in the lab responding to marketing briefs, developing recipes and trying out different ideas."

“About 20% is spent in the factory carrying out full scale trials, collecting samples or offering the production team support."

“Desk work such as gathering nutritional information, working out product costs, meeting with suppliers and ordering ingredients probably accounts for a third of the job, with the remaining 10% of the time being divided between attending project meetings, supplier presentations and taste panels.”


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