Case Study: Warburtons

Warburtons has established a long term partnership approach to working with its farmers, enabling the business to ensure consistency of quality and supply, as well as confidence that the wheat is grown under a back drop of sustainable thinking.

The bakery brand's unique, hands-on relationship with its farmers is facilitated by Openfield, a British grain co-operative. The contract has been running for almost 20 years, making it the longest-running contract in the UK cereal supply chain.

Under new five year contracts implemented in 2016, Warburtons has moved to integrate focused activities that enhance both environmental and social sustainability. This is represented both in its supply contract with Openfield and duly reflected in farming contracts provided by Openfield to the farmers.

"At Warburtons we work with likeminded farmers, where sustainability is seen as integral to success and where market and environmental volatility can be managed by working in long term partnerships."

Michael McDermott, Corporate Sustainability Manager, Warburtons

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Last reviewed: 07 Jul 2017