Community Partnership Award 2012

The winners were announced at a celebration lunch at Shakespeare's Globe, London on Wednesday 24 October 2012.

Congratulations to all of this year's winners!

The examples highlighted in this years case studies are truly inspirational and show how food and drink businesses can thrive whilst also being committed to making a positive difference.

Food and drink is an essential part of everyone's daily life but we want our consumers to be able to celebrate our business as well as enjoy our products. Our Community Partnership Awards are an important opportunity to recognise the positive impact food and drink businesses have across the country and to celebrate their economic success.

In recognition of our industry's commitment to sustainable growth, we introduced new categories in this year's awards covering business growth, exports and skills development, enabling us to recognise how innovative and entrepreneurial food and drink businesses are.

The top winners in these categories - apetito, the Burton's Biscuit Company, Morrisons and the William Jackson Food Group have all set the gold standard, and have shown that fundamental to economic success is looking after our greatest asset – our people.

Looking ahead, next year will mark FDF's centenary – a clear milestone in our history, and a moment to both reflect on our past and to look to the future. Food and drink businesses, both big and small, have a long and rich history of looking after their communities and over the last 11 years our awards have captured great examples of this in action.

Whether it's working with local schools, sourcing ingredients sustainably or showcasing British products on the global stage, the food and drink sector is full of great examples of how businesses can be both successful and responsible.

We hope you will be inspired by this year's winners and encouraged to look for more ways to make a positive difference.

2012 Community Partnership Awards Winners

President's Award

Mars Food UK

Apprentice of the year

Apprentice of the Year: Sam Roberts - Unilever

Apprentice Runner Up: Sam Ward - Nestlé

Highly Commended: Lydia Cebreiro - Nestlé

Highly Commended: Rob Boyle - United Biscuits

Developing Skills

Gold: Morrisons

Gold: William Jackson Food Group


Gold: Mars Food

Silver: Kellogg's

Bronze: Cargill

High Commended: Wrigley

Environmental Leadership

Gold: Coca-Cola Enterprises

Silver: Adelie Food Group

Bronze: Thornton's Budgens

Export Success

Gold: Burton's Biscuits Company

Sliver: United Biscuits

Bronze: Typhoo

Good Employer

Gold: Midlands Co-operative Society

Growing Business

Growing Business of the Year: apetito

Health and Wellbeing

Gold: United Biscuits

Silver: Coca-Cola Great Britian

Bronze: Mars Chocolate UK

Local Community

Gold: Border Biscuits

Silver: Warner's Retail

Bronze: General Mills

Last reviewed: 18 Oct 2012