Apprentice of the Year 2012 - Sam Roberts

Sam is a fourth year apprentice engineer, based at Unilever's Trafford Park manufacturing site – the home of PG Tips, Scottish and Lyon's tea.

Sam works with the production engineering team and is responsible for keeping the lines which make pyramid tea bags running, as well as resolving any breakdown issues.

He was selected as CPA's Apprentice of the Year for his exemplary work ethic and his dedication to his role, seeking out every opportunity to learn and better himself and putting his new skills and fresh ideas to good use at Unilever.

During his apprenticeship, Sam has not only completed several projects on breakdowns, energy saving and cost efficiencies, he has also achieved distinctions in all of the first three years of his academic studies, with similar results expected for his final year.

Although most apprentices tend to closely shadow the shift engineer, Sam's confidence and knowledge mean that he's able to work independently much of the time, fixing many issues unaided. Sam's hunger for knowledge and his determination to excel at his job means that he frequently goes above and beyond to learn more and to develop himself, including taking operations manuals home to study in his own time to become more proficient and capable on site.

Sam has clear ambitions of converting his foundation degree into a full degree and eventually becoming a Production Engineering Technician - a “go-to” expert in his field. But work isn't the only thing in his life. Until recently, Sam was training as a recruit in the
Royal Marines Reserves - a gruelling and challenging task in itself!

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Last reviewed: 09 Jan 2014