Healthy Communities

The food and drink industry employs around 400,000 people across the breadth of the UK. It has a proud record of investing in its people – not only providing work for successive generations but also in improving their lives.

Our commitment to workplace wellbeing starts of course with health and safety and occupational health, but goes way beyond that.

Healthy CommunitiesIn fact it encompasses areas such as making it easier for employees to make healthy choices in staff facilities, encouraging physical activity and the sense of community that can make it easier for people to feel supported in making lifestyle changes.

Large companies recognise that they can lead the way and support smaller businesses by sharing facilities and learning about what works.

Our sense of responsibility does not stop at our workforce.

Manufacturers are also committed to playing a positive role in their local communities, by creating a wide range of initiatives to promote healthy lifestyles working in partnership with local organisations.

School breakfast clubs, walking buses, cookery schools, sports competitions – the range of innovative ways in which food and drink companies are supporting local initiatives to create healthier communities seems endless.

This work is vital if our industry is to continue to thrive, and attract future generations to join the ranks of those making some of Britain's best–loved brands.

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Last reviewed: 03 Jan 2013