Know Your Food & Diet

Shoppers today receive a wealth of information about the food and drink they buy. Information is provided on the label to make sure customers know what they are buying, for food safety reasons and to help them make the right choices for a healthy balanced diet.

Helping customers understand the role and recommended guideline daily amounts of different nutrients in the diet is a key part of FDF members' responsible approach to consumer awareness.

Know Your Food & DietUK food and drink manufacturers have long recognised the importance of clear on-pack nutrition information as a powerful tool for helping consumers make better-informed choices.

Increasingly, this is complemented by information on company websites and the delivery of downloads to mobile devices.

FDF members have long been voluntarily providing nutrition information for consumers on pack, with more detailed information included on the back-of-pack, and a simplified, easy-to-use version on the front-of-pack including Guideline Daily Amounts (GDAs).

GDA values were established in the UK by a team of academic and industry experts and now provide the basis for nutritional information in the new EU Food Information Regulation, having been endorsed by the European Food Safety Authority.

We believe nutrition information can help consumers be more confident in shopping, meal planning and cooking. Parents, teachers, healthcare professionals, government and the industry all need to work together to make it easier for everyone to achieve a balanced diet.

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Last reviewed: 03 Jan 2013