Spotlight on Recipe Reformulation in Scotland


Dr Colette Backwell, Director of the Scottish Food and Drink Federation (SFDF)

Dr Colette BackwellFor just over a year, the Scottish Food and Drink Federation (SFDF)'s new Reformulation Programme has been helping small and medium-sized food and drink businesses in Scotland, who are the core of our industry, to improve the healthiness of their product ranges.

Under our innovative programme, which is funded by the Scottish Government, companies receive tailored recipe change advice from SFDF's Industry Technical Manager. In September 2012 the Scottish Government announced a further two years' funding for the Programme in recognition of the important role it can play in spreading best practice across the industry.

SFDF and our members are committed to playing our part in the improvement of public health and tackling the challenges of overweight and obesity alongside government and other partners.

SFDF's Reformulation Programme

The Scottish Food and Drink Federation (SFDF)'s Reformulation Programme is a free service providing small to medium sized food manufacturing businesses in Scotland with tailored advice to help them reduce the fat, salt and energy content of their products.

Funded by the Scottish Government, this service helps businesses which typically do not have significant, if any, technical new product development resource or reformulation experience. Updating recipes is one of the ways that manufacturers are helping consumers to lower their energy intake and consumption of these nutrients to improve public health.

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Last reviewed: 03 Jan 2013