Responsible Communications

Advertising and marketing are fundamental to achieving dynamic, effective, markets. They are important levers of choice and competition, promote innovation, drive quality up and prices down.

The UK's food and drink industry has an especially strong track record of creating brands which people like and trust, and which offer quality, value and choice.

Responsible CommunicationsEqually we recognise the need to respect the trust that consumers have in brands and their communications. That's why UK advertising has a strict regulatory regime across all media, comprehensively adhered to and enforced, with special provisions for marketing food and drink to children.

Many companies go further than the rules, making European and global voluntary commitments and developing their own responsible marketing guidelines.

And as consumer attitudes change, the way we apply our marketing talent and reach is changing too. Brands today are being harnessed as a powerful tool to deliver lifestyle advice and to help people to make healthier choices.

Many of our large members are leading supporters of the Government's Change4Life social marketing campaign. Many more work with their customers and in their local communities, often in partnership with others, to support families to lead healthier lives and to make practical changes to achieve their goals.

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Last reviewed: 03 Jan 2013