Five-fold Environmental Ambition: Progress Report 2014

Packaging plays an essential role in helping to ensure the safety, quality and shelf-life of food and in conveying important information to consumers about issues such as use, storage, nutrition, ingredients and origin. Although on its own packaging contributes relatively little to the total product environmental footprint, the innovations being made to packaging and the information it carries have much potential to further improve efficiency and reduce waste across the whole supply chain including in the home.


Our ambition to optimise packaging is delivered through FDF member activities under the carbon reduction target of the WRAP Courtauld Commitment. First year results for Phase 3 of the Commitment show that signatories have delivered an impressive 4.5% reduction in the carbon impact of packaging against the 2015 zero increase target.

This equates to a 16kt (0.6%) reduction in total packaging by weight of which primary packaging is down by 32kt and single use transit is up by 16kt. Transit packaging plays an important role in protecting food and drink products and the associated primary packaging from damage.

The number of FDF members signed up to the On-Pack Recycling Label Scheme - a UK-wide consistent messaging system to help consumers recycle more - currently stands at 24.

FDF has continued to work with other packaging and food industry organisations, local authorities and WRAP on ways to give the 'Fresher For Longer' initiative launched in 2013, under WRAP's Love Food Hate Waste programme more national coverage and buy-in, following the successful national conference held in February 2014.

Following publication by the European Commission (EC) of its legislative proposals to review the packaging recycling and other waste related targets, FDF has contributed to a FoodDrinkEurope lobbying position for the Council and European Parliament. This puts forward the case for a shared responsibility approach, involving all relevant stakeholders along the waste management chain, to be reflected in the final legislation given that this has delivered high levels of recycling of used packaging at lower cost to consumers and to society overall. This activity will be taken forward into 2015 following the EC's announcement of its intention to replace these legislative proposals with some which are even more ambitious.

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Last reviewed: 23 Jan 2015