Five-fold Environmental Ambition: Progress Report 2014

The water used in the manufacturing process is a relatively small part of total water use in the food chain. But increasing concern over the future balance of supply and demand here in the UK means that all our water resources need to be used as efficiently and sustainably as possible.


FDF and our members are committed to making a collective contribution to an industry-wide absolute target to reduce water use, outside of that embedded in products, by 20% by 2020 against a 2007 baseline.

This ambition is being delivered through the Federation House Commitment (FHC) launched in 2008 to improve water efficiency in the food and drink manufacturing sector.

In partnership with WRAP we have tracked progress on water use reduction for over 50 signatories.

The latest annual FHC progress report highlights that between 2007 and 2013, signatories collectively made a 15.6% reduction in their water use (excluding that in product). This reduction is equivalent to 6.1 million m3 water or 2,430 Olympic-size swimming pools. Between 2012 and 2013 alone, signatories reported a 1.35 million m3 reduction in annual water use.

Since 2007 water intensity has been reduced by 22%. This equates to a water reduction of 0.49 m3/tonne of product and is a notable achievement given that production for these sites increased by 8.2% over the same reporting period. As part of our wider Five-fold Environmental Ambition aims we continue to promote our Every Last Drop campaign to improve water use and management throughout the supply chain. The next stage is to develop new resources to assist companies with employee engagement on water.

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Last reviewed: 23 Jan 2015