FDF's Environmental Ambition: Progress Report 2017

The food and drink manufacturing industry has an essential interest in protecting and enhancing the natural environment because of its reliance on a continuous, adequate supply of raw materials.

A sustainable value chain is a business imperative, alongside the delivery of safe, high-quality food that satisfies consumer demands.

The industry is aware that it faces challenges that will require a transformation in the way it currently does business at all levels – from the ingredients used and products made, to how they are packaged and transported. However, despite the challenges, including political uncertainty, FDF believes the industry can play a positive role in building resilient and sustainable value chains into the future. In particular, businesses increasingly recognise the cost of waste to their business and to wider society, and are actively working to reduce it wherever it occurs in the supply chain.

Our members continue to show industry-leading dedication to sustainability. The Food and Drink Federation's (FDF) Ambition 2025, launched in October 2016, carried forward the success of the FDF Five-Fold Environmental Ambition. The adoption of Ambition 2025 by members expressed a strong desire to go even further and take strides towards shaping future value chains and increasing awareness of natural capital. This report outlines the progress made by members to deliver our Ambition 2025.

Case Studies

Last reviewed: 05 Apr 2019