This toolkit contains a selection of information on the UK's future relationship with the EU for UK food and drink manufacturers.

UK-EU food and drink statistics

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UK-EU trade in food and non-alcoholic drink (2015)

  UK exports UK imports
  Value % share Value % share
Food & non-alc drink:        
----- EU £8.9bn 72.2% £24.6bn 70.0%
----- Non-EU £3.4bn 27.8% £10.5bn 30.0%
Value added food & non-alc drink:        
----- EU £3.21bn 69.2% £8.7bn 84.7%
----- Non-EU £1.43bn 30.8% £1.6bn 15.3%

Source: HM Revenue and Customs, 2016

  UK exports UK imports
  Value % Value %
EU or PTA* £9.7bn 78.5% £28.0bn 79.7%
PTA* under negotiation/not applied £1.9bn 15.1% £6.0bn 17.0%
PTA* under consideration £0.2bn 1.6% £0.8bn 2.3%
No PTA* £0.6bn 4.7% £0.4bn 1.0%

Source: HM Revenue and Customs, 2016
* EU Preferential Trade Agreements

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Non-UK EU Employees in the UK agrifood and drink sector (2014)


Number of non-UK employees from the EU

% of total employment

Crop, animal production, hunting 21,101 6.4%
Manufacture of food products 95,351 26.9%
Manufacture of beverages 1,675 2.7%
Food and beverage service activities 138,140 11.3%
Total employed in the UK 1,833,655 6.1%

Source: ONS data cited in "Food, the UK and the EU: Brexit or Bremain?" Tim Lang and Victoria Schoen, 2016

Origins of 
food consumed in the UK (2014)
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