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FDF position before the UK's EU Referendum

Britain's leading food and drink manufacturers overwhelmingly endorsed the campaign for the UK to remain in the European Union. A comprehensive poll of FDF members saw more than two thirds (71 per cent) of those responding support the 'remain' option. A further 17 per cent responded, 'my company chooses not to express a preference' while 12 per cent expressed support for the 'leave' option.

The EU Referendum

On Thursday 23 June 2016, the UK voted in a referendum on whether the UK should remain in the EU, with 51.9% voting in favour of the UK leaving the EU.

FDF Director General Ian Wright CBE responded to the vote to leave in the UK's EU Referendum. Ian saying:

“In March, we released the results of a poll of our members which showed 70% support for Britain to remain in the EU. It's inevitable in light of those results that the majority of FDF members will regard this as a disappointing result for the food and drink industry.

“Now FDF will work on behalf of our members and all those across our industry to find a way through this very challenging period that we face. We'll focus on working with the Government to understand what this means for trading, market access and regulation to secure the best outcome for British food and drink manufacturing business and their customers.”

UK food and drink industry statistics

UK-EU trade in food and non- alcoholic drink (2017)
  UK exports UK imports
  Value % Share Value   % Share
Food & non-alc drink:  
EU £10.9bn 71.5% £29.2bn 70.2%
EU PTA £1.5bn 9.5% £5.5bn 70.2%
Non-EU £4.4bn 28.5% £12.4bn 29.8%
Value added food & non-alc drink:  
EU £3.9bn 66.4% £10.1bn 84.5%
EU PTA £0.7bn 11.6% £0.4bn 3.2%
Non-EU £2.0bn 11.6% £1.9bn 15.5%

Source of Data: Her Majesty's Customs & Excise 2017

Last reviewed: 16 Aug 2018