BSI event: Sustainable Development Goals for business growth and resilience in 30 minutes


When price and convenience are king, how do we find the balance to combining value for our customers through high quality, ethically sourced products at the price that they want to pay? As business leaders, and as world citizens, the UN sustainable development goals provide a framework to protect our planet’s resources for future generations and a guide to secure the sustainable resilience and growth of business for years to come. Hear from Martin as he covers the essentials on sustainability policies and international megatrends concerning the UN SDG’s. Face real-world examples of how SDG’s are being used as a framework to provide better business outputs.

Register: https://www.bsigroup.com/en-GB/industries-and-sectors/food-and-drink/food-events-and-webinars/sustainable-development-goals-sdgs/#Webinar1