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FDF Webinar: B Corp Explained - Oct 2020

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Join us to hear from innocent and B Lab UK about the B Corp movement and why you might want to certify as a B Corp.

The Covid crisis has done much to shine a light on business practices, highlighting those businesses stepping up to support their communities and employees as well as those taking a less socially-responsible approach. The long term, permanent implications of the pandemic will take time to clarify; what we see already is the crisis reinforcing trends which have been emerging over the last few years among consumers interested in the origins and ethics of the products they buy and employees increasingly looking for purpose at work. A recent survey by ReGenerate among consumers/citizens found that 72% of the UK public think businesses should have a legal responsibility to the plant and people, alongside maximising profits.

Against that background, it's perhaps no surprise that we've seen an explosion in the number of companies seeking to certify as B Corporations in the UK and overtly demonstrating how they want to be a force for good by balancing people, planet and profits. In the last 6 months alone in the food and drink sector, we've seen the Jamie Oliver Group, Rubies in the Rubble & the Collective join innocent, COOK, Danone, TeaPigs and Ella's Kitchen in certifying. The B Corp movement now stands at 3200+ certified B Corps worldwide, with 350+ in the UK, and growing fast.

Join this free 60 minute webinar to find out more about the B Corp movement and why you might want to certify. We'll hear from the following experts:

  • Sally McCombie, a responsible business consultant and B Leader, trained to support aspiring businesses to certify as a B Corp
  • James Ghaffari, Director of Certification at B Lab UK (the charity driving B Corp certification in the UK) on what it takes to certify and what to expect from the B Impact Assessment which underpins certification
  • Rozanne Davis, Head of Sustainability & Nutrition at innocent drinks, on why they chose to certify as well as the lessons they learnt along the way

We'll have time for questions to our speakers at the end of the session.

Speakers information

James Ghaffari
Director of B Corp Certification at B Lab UK

James is Director of B Corp Certification at B Lab UK, responsible for growing the B Corp community and managing the certification process for businesses large and small across the UK. James has also held roles in Innovation at an international women and girls' rights charity and has worked with multinationals and local SMEs in sub-Saharan Africa supporting the growth of inclusive business environments.

Sally McCombie

Sally is an independent consultant, combining 25 years in corporate affairs and responsible business to help companies thrive in the face of society's changing expectations. She is also a B Leader, trained to support businesses to certify as a B Corp.

Organiser: Craig Hannington, 02074207126, craig.hannington@fdf.org.uk