IFST Lecture: 'Eat, snog or avoid? – What to do about food allergy' with the Young Scientist Competition Final


IFST Event

Food allergy presents significant challenges for both consumers and those managing food businesses. Those at greatest risk are teenagers and young adults, many of whom have never experienced a major reaction before. New understanding about the prevention of allergies to particular foods, through early consumption and immunotherapy through supervised consumption, is changing the landscape.

People are avoiding more different types of foods than ever, sometimes in tiny amounts, and food purchasing patterns are changing quickly, not least through online marketplaces, platforms, apps. etc.

Those responsible for food allergen risk management do their best to meet consumer needs, through regulation and best practice. Consumers at risk, and all those involved in preparing and serving their food, can benefit from up to date information, industry guidance, resources and training

Full programme available online https://www.ifst.org/events/748/ifst-student-lecture-eat-snog-or-avoid-%E2%80%93-what-to-do-about-food-allergy-with-the-young-scientist-competition-final