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Webinar: Generating Meaningful Marketing Insights


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Levercliff are category consultants to food and drink companies across the UK and Europe. They worked with companies of all sizes helping shape their strategies.  Levercliff’s insights team will guide you through what a true insight is, and how to utilise these insights to super-charge your business.

This session won’t be about complex formula, spreadsheets or data rather understanding what meaningful insights are and how you can use them to help guide your strategies.


David Craig, Marketing Consultant, career in the Food and Drink Industry started over 20 years ago with a degree in Food Product Design with Management. He has worked in a variety of marketing roles within food and drink companies covering the entire supply chain from farm gate to consumer facing roles including roles with Baxters Food Group, Matthew Algie and Whole Foods Market. David is a strong advocate of basing business decisions on insight, with the voice of the consumer being key.

Duncan Macaskill, Senior Insights Manager, with a Diploma in Marketing in addition to his BSc in Economics and is also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Having worked with Levercliff since his graduation, Duncan specialises in category research, is an expert on data procurement and analysis, and is the go-to person within the team when recommending the right data sources for any client.

Organiser: Fiona McNaught, 02074207208, Fiona.Mcnaught@fdf.org.uk