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Member Workshop on Sustainable Healthy Diets (London)


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FDF member workshop on sustainable healthy diets on Monday 20th January 2020.


As discussed at the last FDF President’s Committee, we are holding a workshop to kick start a discussion among members on sustainable healthy diets and the potential role of food manufacturers to help deliver change.


We are delighted to have a line-up of expert speakers in the morning session to provide different perspectives and insights to inform our discussions.  In the afternoon, members will consider the opportunities and challenges for FDF and members and discuss the potential remit for an FDF position statement on sustainable healthy diets.




Ursula Arens – British Dietetic Association (BDA)

Ursula is a freelance dietitian and a member of the BDA expert group on the sustainable healthy diets project ‘One Blue Dot’. Ursula will provide an overview of sustainable healthy diet definitions, including the BDA ‘One Blue Dot’ and EAT Lancet recommendations.


Mark Driscoll – Tasting the Future

Mark is a sustainable food systems freelance consultant working on a number of initiatives including supporting organisations with sustainable food systems strategy development. Mark will provide an overview of industry action to motivate dietary shift and discuss the role of food manufacturers.


Will Nicholson – The Food Foundation

Will is currently undertaking a project with the Food Foundation to scope out actionable, verifiable and industry-relevant metrics that can be used to assess food business contributions to sustainable healthy food environments. He will provide an overview of these metrics and discuss how they could be used by food manufacturers.

Organiser: Amy Glass, +44 (0) 20 7420 7148, Amy.Glass@fdf.org.uk