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Should brands take a stand?


Brands are arguably the most pervasive force in the world for business growth – but can they also be a force for change, or for good? What role should brands play in an increasingly fractured society?

Gillette CEO, Gary Coombe, will make the case that brands can, and must, have a point of view on the most pressing – and often controversial – issues in society and be ready and willing to speak up.He’ll explain why a century-old brand decided to step into the fray and share the inside story of the Gillette film that Fortune Magazine described as ‘Making Nike’s Kaepernick stance look coy’, sparking a global conversation about masculinity and an equally heated debate about the role of brands and business in modern politics and society.

What does it feel like to dive headfirst into the culture wars? Is annoying Piers Morgan now a valid marketing strategy? Was it worth it? What happens next?The YouTube comments and Breitbart news would have you believe that Gillette ‘got woke’ and will go broke. Whereas AdWeek described the ad as ‘one small step for men and one giant leap for the ad industry’ and another pundit called it ‘the most important commercial ever made.’ Gary will argue Breitbart is wrong… and he has data to prove it.

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