Waste policy in Wales: Towards Zero Waste, extended producer responsibility and developing a deposit return scheme for Wales


This Policy Forum for Wales seminar will be an opportunity to examine new elements of the Towards Zero Waste strategy (TZW) - including the implementation of the Welsh Government’s recently launched £6.5m Circular Economy Fund, which will offer grants to businesses seeking capital investment to increase their use of recycled materials.

Delegates will also discuss further steps that will need to be taken to ensure that the 70% recycling goal can be reached.  

They will also consider the challenges that the strategy presents for businesses in Wales - looking at issues around added costs, the infrastructure improvements needed to manage waste and allow the materials collected and recycled to be expanded, the future direction of regulation and environmental governance post-Brexit, as well as the balance in policy development between the emphasis on food and plastic waste.

The seminar also takes place with the Welsh Government jointly consulting with Defra and the other UK devolved administrations on extended producer responsibility for packaging (EPR) and the introduction of a deposit return scheme (DRS) for drinks containers to reduce plastic waste.

With the seminar expected to take place following stage one of both consultations, delegates will examine whether an approach to EPR that reduces the amount of waste and increases reuse, repair, remanufacture and recycling, to the maximum effect is being developed and the possible impact on manufacturers and business.

They will also discuss the potential challenges for local authorities and business of introducing a DRS including the design of collection points, potential increased costs, whether they are proportionate to the projected improvements in recycling rates, the size of bottles that should be used and duplicated waste collections.

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