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Webinar: “COVID-19, a review of potential civil and regulatory risk, now and in the future”


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The COVID-19 pandemic has already posed significant challenges for businesses and yet it is still far from clear what the long term repercussions will be in terms of risk legacy. Be it the potential for future regulatory enforcement action or an increase in COVID-19 related personal injury claims, it is essential that businesses are live to issues that could impact on their risk management profile and understand how to implement strategies which will improve their position.

This webinar will help businesses across all sectors to understand the risks they face from COVID-19 and will cover the following specific areas:

  • An overview of civil and regulatory risk and how the respective laws differ and are applied
  • Primary and other risks arising from COVID-19.
  • Managing contractors and employees as a result of COVID-19.
  • Risk Assessments, their importance and how COVID-19 may impact the ‘usual’ risk assessment process.
  • Consideration of HSE guidance for COVID-19 and reporting incidents under RIDDOR.
  • Practical steps to help defend COVID-19 injury claims and avoid regulatory action.
  • Insurance and cost implications arising  from COVID-19.


Jason Burt, Associate Director, Willis Towers Watson

Organiser: Reema Patel, 0207 4207208, reema.patel@fdf.org.uk