FDF Event

Webinar: The Power Of Influencer Marketing For Brands


In this webinar we will discuss how to identify and collaborate with influencers for maximum brand impact.



We will consider:


· How influencer marketing has changed the way brands connect with their audiences.

· What influencers look for when deciding which brand to work with.  


· The effectiveness of the various social media channels for influencer marketing.

· How best to nail a content partnership with the right influencers to reach a specific audience.


To discuss these issues we will be joined by two industry leaders: Timothy Armoo, founder of the award winning influencer marketing agency Fanbytes which helps global brands win the hearts of young people on social media; and influencers Kevin Twomey and PJ Kirby, creators of the hit podcast I’m Grand Mam.



Organiser: Reema Patel, 0207 4207208, reema.patel@fdf.org.uk