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Webinar: The benefits for SMEs of moving from environmental management to sustainability


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This webinar will explore the risks and opportunities facing organisations looking to advance their environmental performance, the extent to which environmental management aligns within the framework of sustainability, and the pathways organisations can use to move from environmental management into sustainability management.

Key discussions...

How moving from environmental management to sustainability can support organisations in achieving their strategic business objectives.

Who should attend?

  • Environmental & Sustainability Practitioners
  • Middle & Senior Management

Why attend this webinar?

Traditionally, environmental management for many organisations has focused on operational aspects such as energy, waste, resources, legal compliance and pollution mitigation. This will expand to some extent for those organisations gaining certification to the new ISO 14001:2015 standard as this has greater emphasis on strategic environmental issues and life cycle thinking. However, many organisations can and do go further by incorporating environmental performance management into a sustainability strategy.

Opportunities exist for SMEs to align the business and manage all aspects of the business performance under the broader heading of sustainability, and then effectively communicate performance to their stakeholders and customers.



Organiser: Kirsty Ritchie, 0131 222 8040, kirsty.ritchie@fdfscotland.org.uk