Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum - Developing a new National Food Strategy for England, assessing Part One and priorities for Part Two


Key areas for discussion:

Perspectives on Part One

Assessing the Strategy’s focus on practical, pragmatic activities to be undertaken by government as a matter of urgency, around social welfare and trade designed to:

  • support the country through the turbulence caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • prepare for the end of the EU exit transition period on 31 December 2020

Delegates will discuss Part One proposals on:

  • improving the diets of the most deprived children through:
    • expanding eligibility for the Free School Meal scheme
    • extending the Holiday Activity and Food Programme
    • increasing the value of Healthy Start vouchers
    • extending the work of the Food to the Vulnerable Ministerial Task Force
  • putting sovereignty, standards, and scrutiny at the heart of any future trade strategy, asking the Government to:
    • only agree to cut tariffs in new trade deals on products which meet core standards across animal welfare, climate and the environment
    • adopt a statutory responsibility to commission and publish an independent report on any proposed trade agreements
    • give Parliament the time and opportunity to properly scrutinise any new trade deal

Priorities for Part Two and wider government policy

  • looking ahead to expected recommendations for more far-reaching reform of the UK food system, with emphasis on health and sustainability
  • considering how the National Food Strategy links with wider Government Policy including the Government’s Tackling obesity strategy and the Agriculture Bill