Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum Keynote Seminar: Priorities for UK food security post-Brexit: investment, innovation and regulation


This Westminster Food and Nutrition Forum seminar will examine the priorities for UK food security in a post-Brexit context - and how policy and industry practice will need to respond to the challenges and opportunities.

Guests of Honour: Jayne Brookman, Head of AgriFood, Knowledge Transfer Network and Professor Charles Godfray Hope Professor and Director, Oxford Martin Programme on the Future of Food, University of Oxford.

Delegates will discuss issues relating to costs across the supply chain, international trading relationships, support for domestic food production and the way forward for UK agri-food policy.

Overall, areas for discussion include:

  • Brexit - latest thinking on the implications for UK food markets, trade and consumers;
  • International markets - priorities for future trade policy and commercial strategies, and identifying potential opportunities;
  • Protecting UK consumers - from the impact of food price volatility, particularly those on lower incomes;
  • Innovation in domestic food production - responding to opportunities, assessing regulatory options and improving knowledge transfer and speed to market;
  • Funding - future investment and support for producers and others in the supply chain after the UK leaves the EU;
  • Global positioning - maintaining the UK’s position in agri-food science and how businesses, research institutions, technology providers and others should develop collaborative approaches going forward; and
  • UK agri-food policy - opportunities for the UK outside of the EU to review regulations governing food and the environment, and evidence-based policymaking, whilst safeguarding sustainability and safety levels in the face of pressures of negotiating new trade agreements and increasing productivity levels.

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