Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum: Next steps for tackling childhood obesity in England - policy options, implementation practicalities, local approaches and the role of schools


This Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum conference will be a timely opportunity to discuss next steps for tackling childhood obesity in England.  At a key time for decisions on the future direction of policy, it is bringing policymakers together with stakeholders in public health and the food and drink industry.

Delegates will consider the issues in the context of responses to consultations on the second chapter of the Government’s Childhood obesity plan for action - looking at TV and online advertising, in-store placement and promotion of HFSS products, the sale of energy drinks to children, and calorie labelling in the out-of-home sector.

Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum expect discussion on practicalities and implementation issues, as well as the expectations of businesses of different scales within the food sector, and of other stakeholders in public health, education, local authorities and families.

They will consider how advertising policy and regulation might develop across the range of media and online platforms and the timelines for any changes - and assess progress through the voluntary sugar reduction and calorie reduction programmes.

With the new Change4Life campaign launched we expect discussion on latest thinking on making healthier choices easier, drawing on research findings, latest innovative approaches and insights on consumer habits and attitudes.

The agenda will bring out latest thinking on the role of schools and other education settings in encouraging healthy lifestyles and behaviours, and how leadership and action in this area should be measured.

They expect discussion on investment of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy revenue, the priorities for the forthcoming update of the School Food Standards, and the cross-government School Sport and Activity Action Plan.

The discussion will be informed by the Whole Systems Approach to Obesity programme - which worked with 11 local authorities to help deliver coordinated actions on childhood obesity - and the Trailblazer programme which is supporting local authorities to develop plans to reduce child obesity.

Sessions examine the way forward for collaboration, looking at best practice in the development of local approaches to support children and families in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

The seminar will also discuss how public and private sector bodies can work together to improve prevention and delivery of support - drawing on experience from across local government, the NHS, schools, parent groups, the third sector and industry.

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