Westminster Food & Nutrition Forum - The future for food labelling policy in the UK - Nov 2020

  • The end of the transition period - and what it means for food and drink businesses, including:
    • the impact of future trade deals on what the UK can do with its food labelling going forward
    • opportunities and challenges of any divergence
    • what any potential changes mean for UK food and drink businesses including:
      • the impact of any changes on health marks and claims, origin labelling, organic standards and geographical indicators
      • what any deviation from EU harmonisation means for products sold in Northern Ireland
  • Reform to front of pack (FOPL) and other areas of labelling - looking at options and implications for consumers and the food and drink sector, including:
    • products sold both within and outside the UK internal market
    • allergen labelling and protection for consumers
    • particular areas of focus including: calories and sugar, infant nutrition, alcohol, and novel food products
  • Out of home, looking at:
    • issues for the hospitality industry - as they also deal with restrictions and new procedures put in place as part of the response to COVID-19
    • a case study on labelling for products destined for catering, that were diverted to retail when needed during the COVID-19 pandemic - how the UK adapted its approach
  • Online - priorities for improving the labelling of food and drink products online and protecting consumers, with the UK due to present an international standard for online sales to the Codex Committee on Food Labelling later this year

Organiser: Emma Harrison, 01344 864796, emma.harrison@westminsterforumprojects.co.uk