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CMS Scotland - Insight Seminars - It's a wrap: the end of plastic packaging as we know it


As part of our programme of keeping our clients informed on key developments, CMS Scotland are running this event to discuss the key practical issues and opportunities facing businesses arising from the rapidly progressed proposed EU Directive on single use plastics (which has achieved provisional political agreement) and other initiatives at international and UK level.  During the session we will cover the proposed Directive, UN and UK measures, the potential opportunities and what it means for businesses in Scotland, with a particular focus on the food & drink sector. 

You will hear fromOlivia Jamison and Alex Ibrahim of the CMS Environment team who will focus on what key legal changes to look out for, Changeworks will share insight and practical guidance in this highly regulated area and the challenges of plastics from a recycling perspective. And Erica Moore from eteaket will share experiences in seeking to reduce single use plastic and how she is hoping to have a positive impact Nationwide through their foodservice clients.


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Organiser: Alison McCartney, Alison.McCartney@cms-cmno.com