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Webinar: Continuous protection from sags and surges

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Professional Affiliate ABB will discuss power quality issues affecting food & beverage customers, the impacts on business and productivity of the facilities and how ABB can help to mitigate the impact of these utility events. Demand from consumers for new products and more information about ingredients is driving shorter product development cycles, faster changeovers, integration across value chain and adoption of new technologies faster than ever before. At the same time, stricter regulations are driving new labeling requirements and more robust food safety practices. The scope of “sustainability” is broadening and F&B players are moving to demonstrate more than simple compliance. Some of the “key ingredients” for sustainable food and beverage operations include flexibility and reliability. Being able to fast adapt production to sudden supply and demand changes moved from need to necessity nowadays. Bringing reliability of production and delivery to new heights helps uncover hidden potential and capacity of existing operations. 

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Join us for our webinar on “Reliable, flexible and sustainable Food & Beverage” to dive into specific technology examples that can drive energy efficiency, flexibility, reliability and overall sustainability of Food and Beverage operations. Learn how evolving concepts can help you meet your business goals, rethink your strategy to make operations and supply chain more sustainable and agile. 


Stuart Dealing, Product Marketing Director, Power Protection, UK. Stuart has

30 years in the electrical industry in sales, services and product management roles. In the past 10 years I have been responsible for the Power Protection (UPS, AVC) business in the UK responsible for sales and aftersales services.


Organiser: Fiona McNaught, 02074207208, Fiona.Mcnaught@fdf.org.uk