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Feeding Change: FDF Nutrition Event 2019


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FDF Nutrition Event 2019

“The health and well-being of our children critically determines their opportunities in life. Today, nothing threatens that more than childhood obesity.”

This is how the Prime Minister opens 'Chapter 2' of the Government's Childhood Obesity Plan. Both Westminster and Scottish Governments have recently published plans with the same aim of halving childhood obesity by 2030. This event will explore different key themes of both plans, along with industry's response to them.

Despite the recent media hype around marketing and promotions, reformulation of food products also remains a fundamental part of the Government's approach to tackling obesity. We will explore the ongoing work to develop new energy reduction targets, and look at the options that are open to businesses of all sizes who are trying to reduce both energy and sugars.

We will also look at key consumer trends in the market and explore how different organisations, from food industry to hospitality, are trying to influence and improve the food choices people make.

Attendees will also hear from food researchers and from companies themselves about what is possible through reformulation, as well as what companies have done so far and where their responsibilities lie.

Great reasons to attend:

  • Understand more about obesity prevention proposals in the UK and what commercial restrictions are likely to be implemented
  • Learn about the reformulation programmes and options of how to respond
  • Hear from those who have already implemented changes to products and menus; and network with industry stakeholders

Can your business afford not to be there?


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